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Our Broodmares


Dox Lou Chexinic

'07 Dun 14.3 Hands 

"Tivio" is a great mare that we have used on the ranch. She is extremely cowy, has incredible stamina, and has produced some outstanding foals to date. Tivio had a gorgeous Dun Filly in 2022 by Ruby Sailor Joe that we are keeping.  Exposed to Little Lena Playgun for 2022.

Dual N Prescription

'13 Dun    15.1 Hands    5 Panel N/N

This mare is out of what we consider to be the best mare we ever owned. Her dams offspring have earned $79,000+. Her Sire Dual N Silver has earnings of $5,500+. This gorgeous mare has a filly by Double Loaded Gun LTE $71,100+ this 2021 and is exposed to Chex N Dun It for 2023! 


Chex N Percision

'08 Brown  14.2 Hands   

"Pepper" What a beautiful mare! Just an example of what Perfect Percision and Chex can produce together. We have some foals sired by her full brother. Head turner of a solid Brown Filly by Busy Little Step in 2021 that we are keeping, open 2022. Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023


Brand Nu Chexinic

'06 Dun   14.1 hands   

"Tammy" her dam was an awesome mare that we had the privilege of owning for a few years. Incredible pedigree with a great disposition stamped on her foals! This cute mare foaled late 2020 and was Open in 2021-22 but is exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023!


Chex Dun It Perfect

'03 Dun   14.1 Hands

"Chexy" is a Super nice mare sired by our Chex N Dun It. Her mom is sired by a son of Bob Acre Doc, Royal Jazzy Bar and is out of our Perfect Percision. Our favorite mare, broke to death and very lovable!! She is great in the arena, out in the mountains, and in the branding pen just a great all round mare. As a 3 year old she won her first ever ranch horse competition with Garrett, it being his first show also. Very excited about the foals we have kept out of her as they act just like their mother!!!  Stunning Buckskin Stud by Ruby Sailor Joe in 2021. .


Genuine Little Sis

'04 Palomino   15 Hands   5 Panel N/N

What a sweet, sweet mare!  We got this mare a few years ago from some great friends. What a great pedigree! Sired by Sayos Shining Sun PE#31,000+. Broke to ride but due to an injury before we got her she was not shown. We still use her for a nice quit ride from time to time. Excellent Filly by Hollys Dun It Again in 2022.

Exposed to Chex N Dun It for 2023

Dandy Chexinic

'04 Bay   14.3 Hands

Tom and Garrett have been riding "Dot" for several years but she has had one foal with Buzz.  She had a bay stud colt. She is sired by Chex out of Jessie Delhi, a Dot's Jessie daughter. This mare has done everything on the ranch.


Busy Being Perfect

'13 Red Dun   14.2 Hands

"Layla" is an outstanding filly that we have high hopes for! Super sweet smart and willing. She is tremendously cowy, and had became a great ranch horse for anyone. We look forward to breeding her in the future.

Dual N Myself

'11 Bay     15 Hands

Sired by Dual N Silver PE$5,500+ and out of a long line of home raised mares. Her bottom side has many ranch rode and tested horses in her background. Great eye appeal, hardy, and athletic. Incredible Dun Filly by Hollys Dun It Again in 2022, to go into training with Matt Wheaton! Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023


Ruby Dun Chex

'12 Dun   14.3 Hands   5 Panel N/N

This mares dam was raised by long time family friends who did everything form ranch riding to calf roping. This mare is an outstanding producer. Her full sister is Chex N Rubies mentioned in the "What Our Customers Say" area.  A head turning stud on her side in 2022 Chestnut by Busy Little Step to go into training with Matt Wheaton.

Exposed again for 2023!

Busy Little Kitty

'15 Palomino    14.1 Hands    5 Panel N/N

"Ducky" is an incredible daughter of Buzz (Busy Little Step), out of Smartest Kitty. She is half sister to Whizzle Blower 2022 AQHA Reserve World Champion Ranch Trail, 2022 NSBA World Champion Jr Ranch Trail
NSBA Bronze Champion Jr Ranch Riding
NSBA Bronze Champion Non Pro Ranch Trail.  Exposed to Little Lena Playgun for 2023 for a potential 3/4 brother or sister!

Sweet Chexy Duzit

'11 Bay   15 Hands

This mare is a gem. A diamond in the ruff you could say. Her dams side have been in the family for many years and they are natural gentle and great ability. We have saved a colt out of her and Buzz for the family. He is amazing. Amazing Dun Stud by Hollys Dun It Again in 2022 that will go into training with Matt Wheaton! 

Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023


Steps With Percision

'14 Red Dun     14.3 Hands

"Peaches" has as good a disposition you could ever ask for, with looks and pedigree!  Her colts are some of our very best. She is taking off where her mother left, who we figure was our best producer! Beautiful Red Dun Filly by Hollys Dun It Again in 2022. 

Open for 2023


Six Choice Acres

'00 Sorrel    13.2 Hands

Sixy is one of the best mares ever. She is kind, with more heart than anything you can imagine.  She has been ranch ridden, roped calving heifers in the pasture, drug calves during branding, cut, sorted and team penned. There is not one ounce of give up or quit in this mare. She was stunted as a baby as her mother was really old with poor milk. This mare has way out done herself! See Perfect Six Acres and Busy Little Ellie that she has produced and we have kept.  


Busy Little Ellie

'17 Sorrel     14.2 Hands

Ellie is a fabulous young mare. Extremly talented and travels the country with ease. She learns things crazy fast. We truly love this young beautiful mare.


Oak N Annie

'13 Sorrel   14.2 Hands

Oaklynn has turned into a very nice producer. Purchased from a dear friend after loss of her husband. This mare always reminds us of the man who taught Garrett to shoe horses. Jim is dearly missed. She is not just sentimental though her colts have been great, including Dual Equis by Chex N Dun It, in training and being shown by Shay Dixon Carroll and Standing at Stud at SDP Buffalo Ranch!

Gorgeous Filly in 2022 by Hollys Dun It Again, exposed same way for 2023.


Sally Jo Smart Whiz

'10 Buckskin     14.3 Hands

We've had some beautiful colts out of this mare to date, and look forward to many more to come. This mare has a major history of the ranch on her dams side. We like this mare so much that we hope to save a stud prospect out of her some day! Dun Filly by Hollys Dun It Again in 2022. 

Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023

maggie (1 of 1).jpg

NH Royal Shiner

'11 Buckskin   14.0 Hands

"Maggie" has become a great ranch mare. She is stout and very tough. This mare will soon be bred, we look forward to seeing what she produces. 


Sparkinic Chex

'10 Buckskin     14.3 Hands   5 Panel  N/N

This super nice buckskin mare has an awesome pedigree including Smart Chic Olena, Topsail Cody, Reminic, Shining Spark, Hollywood Dun It, and Bueno Chex!  Amazing Dun Stud by Busy Little Step in 2022.

Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023

MountainColts2022 (1 of 125).jpg

Jessta Birdy Dun It

'15 Buckskin   15 Hands   5 Panel N/N

This wonderful mare had her first colt in 2020 but we unfortunately we lost her in a freak accident. She was stunning. We look forward with much anticipation for her next foal. Lost her sweet palomino colt to a spring storm in 2022...

Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023 


Streak Of Biscuit

'05 Brown  15 Hands

This mare is by the great A Streak Of Fling, she is bred and built to run! Find a Cow Horse, Rodeo, Ranch Deluxe out of this fantastic mare. Open in 2022.

Exposed to Chex N Dun It for 2023


Docs Smoken Girl

'12 Gray     15 Hands

We have partnered on this Gray mare with two dear friends. The family that raised her and who have been long tome family friends (they are family at this point), and another young man ready to make his mark with papered horses. Long line of Rodeo horses in this mares back ground! Stunning Gray Stud colt by Busy Little Step in 2022.

Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023


SHS Owlie Love

'02 Bay   15.1 Hands

We have partnered with our Cousins Charles and Nancy Herbst, who have a great love for horses, as well as a great eye for great horses. Owlie is out of a daughter of Wyoming Blanton an NRHA and USTRC money earner. Incredible Bay Filly by Busy Little Step we are keeping from 2022.

Exposed to Chex N Dun It 2023


Pennys Twinkle

'03 Bay    14.2 Hands

Raised in the mountains near Shoshoni, Wyoming this is another exciting mare to add in partnership with Charles and Nancy Herbst. Sweet Brown Filly by Busy Little Step in 2022 that we are keeping. 

Exposed to Hollys Dun It Again for 2023


Jessies Miracle

'06 Palomino     14.3 Hands

Out of a fabulous ranch raised stallion that Charles and Nancy purchased years ago this wonderfull mare carries many lines that have influenced our program to what it is today. Athletic Pretty Filly by Busy Little Step in 2022.

Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023


Copper Mountain Ruby

'08 Palomino   14.3 Hands

Charles and Nancy sure know how to raise them. Gorgeous  palomino with the Herbst lineage! Exceptional Palomino Filly by Busy Little Step in 2022. 

Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023


HLC Smooth Rachel

'01 Chestnut      15.2 Hands

Rachel is a big powerful mare with an excellent Cow/Run cross. 

Open for 2023


Lady Bees Poco

'01 Buckskin     15.1 Hands

Another partner mare with Cousins Charles and Nancy. This mare goes back to a long line of Herbst raised horses. Its great to add this stunning mare and family background back to our mare band. Absolutely Amazing Sorrel Stud colt by Busy Little Step in 2022 that we intend to keep as a stud prospect, to be shown before breeding him.

Deceased Fall of 2022


Jessies Poco Fanny

'08 Bay Roan     15.1 Hands

The Sixth of our partnership with Charles and Nancy. But not the least, all great mares and another great one here! Hard to believe her Drop Dead Gorgeous Bay Filly by Busy Little Step in 2022 is still available!

Exposed to Busy Little Step for 2023

bay roan.jpg

Steps Cool Heat

'08 Palomino   15 Hands    5 Panel Gbed N/G Rest Clear 

Own daughter of Wimpys Little Step. Her Dam "Miss Cool Heat" is an NRHA money earning producer in excess of $28,670. Super nice, big, stout mare. This amazing mare had a FLASHY Stud colt by  Double Loaded Gun PE$71,100+ this 2021. Deceased Fall 2021.


Frosted Crystal Rose

'04 Sorrel  14.2 Hands

A really neat mare by Drop Of Frost. This mare has an all round pedigree to get most any job done.  Excited about this mare and her expecting colt. 

Open for 2023


Ro Peppy Winner

'12 Sorrel      15.1 Hands

Outstanding pedigree on this mare from the famous RO ranch. A partner mare with our dear friend/family Dustin. This is a cow horse deluxe. Open for 2023!


Frosty Bay Congo

'00 Bay  16 Hands

Frosty is out of the great Frosty Feature and out of a daughter of Congo a thoroughbred. This Appendix mare is TALL and built to RUN. She has had a couple cute fillys out of Little Lena Playgun. Open for 2022. Confirmed in foal to Hollys Dun It Again for 2023!


Perfect Six Acres

'13 Bay   14.2 Hands

Easy to get along with and willing to please, she is a great ranch horse for sure, has the heart of a lion, there is no quit in this mare. She sure takes care of us all.  We sadly lost this preciouses amazing mare in a freak accident. Deceased Fall 2022

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